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Stress management programme -

A journey of successful change

Is stress controlling your life?


Find out how you can become empowered to take back control of certain aspects of your life in just six steps. Using a cutting-edge holistic approach, I have developed a new and unique Stress Management Programme which uses a combination of hypnotherapy, life coaching, and holistic-based practices to help bring about successful change for you to enjoy a positive and stress-free future!


Module 1

- Introduction and course outline by Jacqueline

- Life balance wheel identifying key areas of stress – Practical

- Freedom from stress, anxiety & panic in-depth information pack (emailed after session. Paper copy is available upon request at £15.00).


Module 2

- Five ways to instantly relax anywhere - Practical

- Confidence and self esteem – Hypnosis session


Module 3

- How to stop unwanted thoughts - Practical

- Release negative thoughts and emotions – Hypnosis session


Module 4

- Determining deep-level reversal - Practical

- Moving on from bad times to better times – Hypnosis session


Module 5

- Strategies for reducing stress, including information on using Bach flower essences – Practical

- Forward to the future, leaving the past behind – Hypnosis session


Module 6

- The importance of nutrition and healthy eating to reduce stress – Practical

- A journey of successful change – Hypnosis session

- Certificate of achievement awarded


Each module session lasts approximately 2 hours and costs £100.00*


Total cost of course £600.00 (excluding £15.00 for optional paper copy of information pack). *If you pay for the entire course in full you will be entitled to receive a 10% discount which equates to just £90.00 per 2 hour session!


This course is a self improvement programme of desired change.  Upon successful completion you are awarded a certificate of achievement.


Included in the Programme:


- Self Hypnosis mp3/CD - Includes instructions and positive  affirmation suggestion sheet for use with this mp3/CD)

- Tension & Stress mp3/CD – Includes instructions

- Detailed Information Pack – Emailed for your convenience (A   paper copy can be provided for a nominal charge of £15.00)

- Practical elements include handout information as appropriate

- Opportunity to purchase suggested Bach flower remedies

- Progress Chart – A record of your Journey of Successful Change

- Course completion - Certificate of Achievement

Stress Management

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