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Pain Management


Pain Management

At times we all suffer aches and pains from the stresses and strains of every day life. However, for some people certain illnesses, diseases, and disorders can cause complicated long-term chronic pain that frequently does not seem to have a specific cause. When a condition such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and polymyalgia has been medically diagnosed, a pain management treatment plan is usually offered as part of the medical intervention and hypnotherapy, and counselling may sometimes be suggested as a complementary adjunct to conventional medical treatment.


Where no medical cause can be found for chronic pain, many believe that a past emotional, traumatic event is retained within the body as negative emotional energy, emotional anxiety, or psychological stress, which left untreated manifests itself in a physical form. This pain is complex in nature and for the sufferer, it is very real! Frequently identified as psychosomatic or psychogenic pain, which is pain that is not attributable to past disease or injury, or to any visible sign of physical damage, it is often demonstrated in some of the most common forms which include: headaches, migraines, muscle pains, back pain, joint pain, and stomach pains.


Dr. Jacqueline Preston addesses this mind-body connection to deal with long-term pain because the way our mind acts in response to pain is that it links it to the body as a physical sensation which can sometimes make the sensation or discomfort worse. After a confidential initial exploratory consultation, where Jacqueline takes a detailed background history, she is then able to put forward a bespoke pain management plan and give you an idea of how many sessions you may require to assist you in bringing about positive pain relief. Some of the side effects of long-term chronic pain include insomnia, tension, anxiety, depression, and low self-esteem, all of which can be addressed, and transformed using hypnosis.


Hypnotherapy for pain relief helps you to refocus your mind to change the thought patterns related to pain to then support pain relief. In simple terms, hypnosis for the management of pain works by relaxing the nervous system to help it become less reactive to pain.


Important note:

Pain is the body’s way of telling us that something is not right which is why Jacqueline always suggests that you visit your GP in the first instance if you are experiencing pain so that it can be investigated further by a registered general medical practitioner.


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