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It is generally recognized that our ancestors had a wide range of medicinal plants at their disposal, and that they likewise possessed a profound understanding of plants’ healing powers. In fact, up until the twentieth century, every village and rural community had a wealth of herbal folklore. Tried and tested local plants were picked for a range of common health problems and taken as teas, applied as lotions, or even mixed with lard and rubbed in as an ointment! The oldest recorded uses of herbs have been in corrective or preventative medicine uses. Perhaps this is because much of the lore of herbs is derived from the herbals - the plant medicine books that are still in use by herbalists today.


Since the dawn of time, and encompassing an interwoven tapestry of cultures from the earliest civilizations, medicinal plants have been crucial in sustaining the health and the wellbeing of mankind. Many plants provided nutritious foods, fuel, oil, cosmetics, and fibre to make cloth and fabric dyes. At this time, there is much recorded historical evidence indicating that plants were also used to treat conditions and ailments. Therefore, given the life-enhancing benefits provided by so many plants, it is hardly surprising that most cultures believed plants to have magical as well as medicinal properties. Through time plants became surrounded by fables, legends and superstitions, and in some cultures plants were even considered to have souls!


How can herbalism help me?


Herbal medicine, also known as botanical medicine, phytotherapy, or phytomedicine - phyto from the Greek meaning plant, involves using a plant or part of a plant for healing purposes. The herbal part of a remedy may come from the flower, leaf, stem, seed, fruit, root or bark of the plant and it may be used to treat wounds as well as a vast range of other conditions such as allergies, skin disorders, fibromyalgia, migraine, as well as weight loss, anxiety and stress, to mention but a few. It is thought that the whole herbs, which contain many naturally occurring constituents, work together to produce a beneficial effect upon a condition or ailment when used as a remedy. This is unlike the mainstream pharmaceuticals that may contain just one single plant element or extract.


As herbalism incorporates and combines the use of a variety of holistic methods and approaches to bring about your wellbeing, our herbal therapy, or phytotherapy as it is also known, usually involves the use of herbal remedies, aromatherapy, flower essences or vibrational remedies as they are known, in the form of:

Essences (usually water and alcohol based)

Tinctures (extracts of herbs in a water / alcohol base)

Teas; Creams or Gels; Lotions or ointments; Oils; Capsules; Powders; Tablets


We are all individuals, each of us having our own unique medical history and experiencing ill-health in our own individual ways, this means that no two clients seeing us for herbal or flower therapy will be given the same remedies – they will be tailored-made specifically to meet your own unique requirements. Once you have been assessed, and taking into account your medical history, or any existing medication prescribed to you by your GP, an herbal remedy or flower essence or mixture of remedies, up to seven in some instances, will be suggested and instructions given of how they should be used.

Herbal Remedies

Flower Essences

Aromatherapy Oils




Did you know?


Flower remedies can help remove negative emotions by flooding them with the positive energies from flowers which may be beneficial for the following:






Panic Attacks

Weight Loss

Emotional Eating



To mention just a few.


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