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Beliefs & Mission


Principle 1:

As a sentient and evolving human being, I not only believe in practicing and living by the principle, “Do No Harm,” but also in the principle of “Do Right” thus enhancing the vibrational level of humanity.


Principle 2: 

I believe in the indomitable power of the human spirit to ultimately triumph in the face of any dilemma; “The answers we seek already exist within us. We invoke and exert the counsellor and guru within.”


Principle 3:  

I believe the roots of solving human problems lie in exploring, understanding, and empowering the human condition.


Principle 4:

I embrace the differences that make all human beings unique recognizing that we all come from star material and are, therefore, equal irrespective of heritage, beliefs, gender, or gender preference. One planet, one race, one ancestry, one destiny.


Principle 5:

Rather than a supreme being, I recognize and honour the divine energy that exists in all living things.


Principle 6: 

I believe the nature of a human being encompasses both a physical and spiritual aspect, and that human consciousness survives the death of the physical body in a coherent fashion; thus, death opens a new chapter of life and conducts the individual into a higher state of existence.


Principle 7:

I believe in Self-Acceptance, Self-Responsibility, and Respect for Free Will, and that these three synergistically create the goal of Self-Completeness (self-actualization).


Principle 8:

I believe in the value of practical education in metaphysics, metapsychology, and life-skills as a means of empowering the human spirit and enhancing the human condition. I maintain an open, but grounded, mind to potential realities as yet un-described by science.  


Principle 9: 

I believe that discovering the true nature of consciousness and human existentialism (an individual's unique position as a self-determining agent responsible for the authenticity of his or her choices) will ultimately have a positive impact on human evolution and peaceful coexistence.


Principles of Belief

What is Metaphysics?

Metaphysics is the scientific study of consciousness, existence, and reality. It explores and endeavours to answer the "Why?" question about who we are, where we came from, and how we fit into the Grand Scheme of things.


When a person asks about the nature of how something works, he or she is delving into the realm of metaphysics.


The word "metaphysics" derives from the Greek words Meta, meaning "beyond", "upon" or "after" and Physiká, meaning "physics". It was first used as the title for several of the Greek Philospher Aristotle's works, because they were usually anthologized after the works on physics in complete editions. The prefix meta- ("after") indicates that these works come "after" the chapters on physics. However, Aristotle himself did not call the subject of these books "Metaphysics": he referred to it as "first philosophy." In brief, this was misread by Latin scholiasts, who thought it meant "the science of what is beyond the physical".


However, once the name was given, the commentators sought to find intrinsic reasons for its appropriateness. For instance, it was understood to mean "the science of the world beyond nature" - the science of the immaterial. (Metaphysics extract courtesy wikipedia.org)

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Dr. Jacqueline Preston's mission is to empower the human spirit to create a healthy balance of physical, metaphysical (beyond the physical), spiritual (free of the constraints of organized religion, Determinism, and scientism (mainstream science), psychological, and metapsychological concepts as a pathway to spiritual Self-Discovery, and to assist in helping others find their own Self-Completeness and Enlightenment.


What is Metaphysical Hypnosis?

When dealing with mental awareness we are, by definition, dealing with metaphysics. Metaphysical Hypnosis could be defined as “Beyond Hypnosis”, assisting the individual to reach higher levels of conscious awareness and well-being. By elevating consciousness the individual is connecting to truth and “all that is”.

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